Campers’ safety is a priority at all times!

1. Campers must always wear batting helmets when at bat and on bases, or as otherwise directed by coaches.

2. Campers can only swing bats in areas designated by coaching staff (and only while being supervised by coaches).

3. Warming up (throwing baseballs) will be done only under the supervision of coaches in an organized manner.

4. No metal cleats to be worn at any time--only rubber cleats or sneakers allowed.

5. No foul language is acceptable at any time.

6. Campers must remain in designated camp area, under coaches’ supervision, at all times. Disregard for others’ safety and unruly or disruptive behavior will result in permanent dismissal from camp (no refunds issued).


In case of emergency during camp hours ONLY, parents may contact Coach Currier at 802-373-9514.